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What is time management?

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Time management is not about trying to get as much crammed into your working day as possible. It is about managing your time so you work more effectively, getting your tasks completed effectively and reducing workplace pressure and stress.

You may find that people are giving you tasks that need completing, all with short completion targets and you may be getting pressure from managers and colleagues to complete them early or at least on time.  This pressure can come from emails, messages, phone calls or meetings and you may have to explain why you are not on target in Infront of your colleagues.

You may seem to have so much work to complete that you do not get anything finished and you are just fighting to unsuccessfully keep everyone happy.

No one wants to be seen as not being able to cope and definitely not in front of colleagues and managers.  This is where good time management will enable you to plan and cope with workloads, meet targets and be more successful at work.

We have a finite number of hours in a week and someone who gets things done compared with someone who does not, is not always about qualifications, experience or their job title.  It is usually about how they manage their time and how they prioritise their work and organise their day. This makes them efficient with time to get things done on target with less stress.

The principles of good time management apply in any work setting.