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During the pandemic, people found that they had to work from home, literally at drop of a hat, so one day they work in the office, then the announcement came through and then they had to work from home. And people had a lot of problems with it, but they soon coped. Now, working from home is nothing new, people have been doing it for years, where they got a project to work on, they may well work from home one, two days a week, or people are miles from the office, therefore that is the only way they can actually work.

There is also a term we use during this course, which is remote working, which basically could be anything, it could be a show and you are having to work from, the NSE, for example, you might be working from your car, from a hotel room, from family, is the remote working site we are going to cover as well and this is slightly different because you have not got so much security of working from home, but they are both available.

Now, what we are going to look at through this course are lots and lots of different things. So we are going to look at the internet connections, we are going to look at some stress, health and safety and all sorts of other things, because just because you are going to be working from home does not mean that you are exempt from all health and safety and from rules and regulations of the workplace.

Also, working at home can have two things, one, it means you can concentrate on your work because you have not got the destructions of an office, but working at home also has other distractions. You have got your pets, your family, all sorts of things, but one, I suppose good thing came out of the pandemic is how working from home has become so accepted. You have a meeting and you can quite happily be sitting on your sofa talking to people, you do not have to put a shirt and tie, you do not have to travel. We found the same. We were traveling to meetings, if we felt we had to have meetings in person with people, but during the pandemic, it meant most of these meetings have all gone through things like Zoom or Teams, or the Google meet.

So you might be feeling a little bit apprehensive about having to work from home, but with a little bit of planning and a little bit of thought, you could find this can be an actually better way because you have not got any more traveling to and from work, all your work is here, you can still communicate with people and it can mean you have got more time for your family. Has the distractions and other problems of working from home, but it also gives you more flexibility. So it is definitely something worth thinking about and also if you do have to work from home, do not worry about it. This course will help you develop the skills necessary and you will know the questions to then ask of your employer to make sure that you can work from home successfully.

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