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Protecting your computer

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Protect Your Computer from Malware

Understanding Malware Threats

Malware poses significant risks to your computer, causing various issues such as system malfunction, ransomware attacks, and program settings alterations.

Choosing Reliable Antivirus Software

  • Evaluating Options: Select antivirus software from reputable companies, considering both paid and free options.
  • Example: Norton Security: Explore Norton Security and its features, although many other options are available.

Utilizing Norton Security

Norton Security offers comprehensive protection against malware and viruses with its user-friendly interface and diverse features.

  • Scanning Options: Perform "Quick Scan" or "Full Scan" to detect and eliminate threats.
  • Automatic Updates: Ensure antivirus software is regularly updated to guard against the latest threats.
  • Customization: Adjust settings for automatic scans and other security features to enhance protection.

Advanced Settings and Features

  • Firewall Protection: Configure firewall settings to provide an electronic barrier against potential threats.
  • Safe Viewing: Enhance security settings within web browsers to safeguard online activities.
  • Clean System: Optimize system performance by identifying and removing duplicate files.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Regularly monitor antivirus software for updates and perform system scans to maintain optimal protection against malware.

Learning Outcomes:
  • EDSQ Unit 5 LO 14.4
  • Remote Working LO1.1 1.1.4
  • Remote Working LO1.3 0.2.1