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Tethering your phone to your computer

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You may find you are working away from home or are in a location there is no WiFi available, but you do have your mobile phone with you. What you can do is you can tether your mobile phone to your laptop, so this will give you a signal onto the internet quite easily. Now, quite simple to do. First thing, you need to go on to your mobile phone and if you just select the personal hotspot feature, you may need to turn this on, this little slider button at the top and you can allow other people to join, which is what you want to do here. We just set a basic password up here just to show for the filming, but you can change the password by just touching on that and changing it around and then when you are done, you can hit the done button and it goes back.

What we do now, we have actually created that. The WiFi is there and we now need to switch over to the laptop to find that signal. So moving over onto the laptop, we hit the WiFi signal, and you see there it is already come up, Keith's iPhone 12. So we click on it and then it's come up with a box, if I just click this show password, you can see there that we are just setting the password that we set, hotspot one and then we hit join and you see here, it is not the universal WiFi signal now. It is slightly different. It is two linked circles, and this indicates that there is a hotspot, so it indicates to you, nice and easy that you are now connected to the internet, but you are doing it through your mobile phone, rather than directly onto another WiFi source.

Now, when you are using this, you are transferring data or you are working through on the internet, but it does come off of any allowance you have on your mobile phone. So if you are using data, if you get unlimited data, it is not going to cost you anything more, but if you are on a restricted data, then that data will be used up. So if you are watching a film, for example, you will quite quickly get through your data, so just be aware of that. There are settings in your mobile phone that will tell you how much data you've been used and this will usually reset every month. So by all means use this as a system, but if you are using a lot of data, then it will cost money if you go over your monthly limit. When you have finished using the hotspot, it is important that you turn that off and you go back to using normal WiFi.