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If you are working at home, you need to think about what you need to do your job properly. Now, when you first come back it might be you are just given a laptop, computer or a normal computer, and you plug it in and you just have to use it. But it is better to before you start working at home think about what you are actually going to need.

Now, during the pandemic, people were just literally in the office one day and the next day they are working from home and it caused lots of problems if people were not already set up with internet-based phone systems. But it is worth taking a while when you first either know you are going to be working at home, or you start working home, of what do you actually need, and then you can discuss this with your employer and see what they can provide you with. The sorts of things you are looking at here is what type of computer, do you need two screens? Do you need any other equipment to actually do your job correctly? Is your environment where you are teaching safe? Has it got the correct internet capacity and what are the backups, so if your internet went down or your telephone system went down have you got a backup system? Can you use your mobile phone to would send and receive calls but also to use it for sending and receive data so if your internet has failed you have got a backup. It may well be that you also need particular items by working at home for this particular job. It may be you need secure access back to your office, a VPN, a very secure line back to the office so you can access the service in the workplace. So when you are looking at a task or a project you are working on, always make sure you know exactly what you need and tell your employer make sure you have got what you need to do the job, or decide how you are going to then get the items to you. It may be that there is something on the internet, a certain programme that is going to be really good for you that maybe the employer has not realised, so definitely do some research if you have got a problem then see what is available and talk to your manager about it.

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