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Reducing stress for employees

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As an employee, there are things that you can do to reduce stress levels at work, but you need to take some time to think about the causes of stress and then think about how you can implement changes in your work pattern to manage stress better.

Firstly, look at your diet. It may seem odd, but you need to eat regularly and food that is of good quality. Reduce junk food, sweets and caffeine and try and maintain a healthy balanced diet.  Keeping hydrated is also important to keep your body functioning correctly.

Linked with a healthy diet are taking regular breaks away from work and not working while eating your lunch.  Having a break from work not only reduces stress, but also makes you more effective in your work.

When you have a lunch break, try to go for a walk and after work ensure you exercise well and keep fit.

Try to keep your work and home life separate and keep the balance correct.

Manage your work time, prioritise jobs to ensure you get the tasks completed one at a time.  Starting multiple tasks and not finishing any of them will increase stress and reduce efficiency.  If someone is giving you more work, you may have to say no.  Jobs maybe being given to you, but they could easily be given to someone else if you say you are too busy.

Try to have a positive attitude and avoid being negative.  You do not have to be perfect and with good planning and being realistic in your targets you can reduce the stress you or your employer put on you.

Where you do have stress at work, talk to your employer, the HR department or your Doctor. In most cases, you can be helped without medications but your Doctor may have other solutions for you.  Do not turn to alcohol, comfort foods or drugs.  These will only make things worse.