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What Causes Stress?

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There are many things that cause stress and they are not just caused by work.  It could be you are having financial problems and the letters from people you owe, or calls are seriously impacting your health. Not knowing when the next letter, text, call or email will come will easily put you under stress.

There are many causes of stress in your home life from your partner, parents, children, or pets. It may be you are having relationship problems and these can spill over into your work life very easily. You may be caring for someone and worried about their health and wellbeing while you are at work.

Another thing that can cause stress is the environment you are working or living in. It may be there is excessive noise from people talking at work, building works or music in the background. Excessive heat or cold can stress you as can things like dust or overcrowding.

Personal health worries can cause a lot of stress and these can be medical problems, diet, body weight, appearance and concerns on how fit you are. Life events like divorce, death, births and accidents, all place a lot of stress on you and others around you.

It may be that you are worried about how people think of you, your career prospects, your social life or your children’s education.

You may be able to cope with one of these stress triggers at one time but if you are experiencing more than one at the same time, this can be very hard to cope with.