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How not to work from home

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Now if you are working from home, you might think, "Great, I can sit down in an armchair, watch TV all the time while I'm working," things like that, but there's lots of reasons why this is really not the way to work. The main one being your spine. Now your spine now, if you are working here and you are twisting around to use the computer, the whole time you are working you have got a twisting action and you are going to very quickly find you are going to get neck ache, you are going to get headaches, backache, problems like that. Also you are sitting back here or leaning forward, it is really not very good posture. Your back is not being supported as it would be normally sitting in an office desk, things like that. Also in this type of environment here, there are loads and loads of distractions that you need to sort. Now we are going to cover distractions in other films, but it is going to be very tempting to sit here and watch TV behind you. There's a television over there, there is other distractions. There is pets, there is visitors and all sorts of things like that. And this is also a shared room, so this would be with the rest of the family. So you are trying to work, but other people are here. Maybe they are watching stuff on telly or the kids are around.

So working in this, although it may seem a nice place to work, it is not always that good. I have learned the hard way that this is not the ideal way round of working. So what you need to do is try and move yourself away from this environment. So if you have got another room or maybe a spare room and you can put a desk in that, you can go into that room, you can work from that room, everything work-wise is in that room and not in the rest of the house. So when you are working, you are at work, people know you are at work, the rest of the family. They can, for example, be in here making their noise, bits and pieces, you can be working upstairs, but when you leave work, you close the door and you forget about it, whereas if work is all around you like it is here, it is very then tempting to check up on emails or do bits and pieces during the evening and then your work-life balance starts to get a little bit blurred. So where you work is really, really important, not only to get more work done, but also to make sure that your health stays as good as it can while working from home.

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