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It is important when you are working remotely to follow the company policies, the same way as you would in the office. Now, these might be set policies laid down by the company, that you must do things in certain ways and they may also have a working at home policy you need to read.

Part of this policy may be that you have to be working at your home address. During the lockdown and since lockdown, there has been cases where people have, instead of working from their home, they have gone on holiday and said they are working from there and working abroad. It may well be your company just does not allow this. It could be for data security reasons or just not allowed. So look at the policies for working at home.

Also, look at the general policies within your employer handbook and things like that, that has probably been adapted to allow for people working at home, but you still need to abide by them. Requesting a holiday or different things like that, you still need to be following the rules that have been laid down by your employer.

Other policies you may have to follow are things like health and safety, manual handling, DSE, fire protection, all sorts of other things, so find out what the rules are for your company for not only working when you are based in the office but also for when you are working at home because you are still going to need to abide by the policies and procedures of your company wherever you are working.

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