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Pets and working at home

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And when you are working from home, your pets are going to be a potential problem, but it is easily resolved. Now one thing the pandemic has done, more people working from home, it is a lot more acceptable for you to be on a meeting with a client and the dog bark. Ella here hates pigeons, hates squirrels. So if I am in a meeting, she starts barking or if someone knocks at the door, it is accepted. It is not a major issue, so do not be too paranoid about the fact that you are working from home and the dog barks or makes a noise. Now dogs can also be really, really good because it is better for the dog because you are home more, but what you do not want to be doing is because you are working from home, now you can have a dog because it may be you are not always working from home. It may be a time comes where you have to go back to the office, so who is going to look after the dog while you are actually at work? So if you are getting a dog, be very careful. And I know since the pandemic, there is quite a lot of people who have run into problems with having dogs that they could look after during the lockdown but now they have a problem with them.

But Ella here can be really useful because I can take her for a walk at lunchtime, which gets me away from the computers, away from mobile phones and things like that and we can get out and get some exercise as well. So when you have a dog, definitely get up, make it part of your routine as well. It just gives you a break. You need to get up out and let the dog out, or you need to take them out for a walk, things like this, so it can be very, very beneficial to you. But yeah, if you have a meeting, you can always move them away, but every meeting I have had the dogs have come up to me. It has really never been a problem, but you can always make an excuse if you want and just say, "I'm really sorry, but my dog is here and he might bark if someone knocks at the door." So definitely with animals, remember their welfare comes first, so be very cautious if you are going to be getting a dog because you are working at home because it may be you are not gonna be here working at home all the time in the future.