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Now, if you are completing a task, you need to look at what resources you need to complete that task. Now, I am using the word task, this could be that you are part of a team working on a project, so you are working on an individual task of that. It may well be you have got lots of tasks that make up a project, or you are part of that project. But also this task could be customer support, it could be a sales, or it could be an accounts role. So whatever your role is, when you are working from home, you need to make sure you have got the right resources in order to do it. So the resource, it could be your computers, they need to be up to the job. It may well be you are doing design work, but the computer you are using at home just has not got the memory, or the capacity to work with it. So look at what is actually required. It may well be that you are required from workplace to download a program and work that program, but your computer is too old to handle that, or you have not got the latest operating system on there.

When you are looking at tasks and when you are agreeing to tasks that you are going to be able to work, see what you actually need to complete it. Other things might be external data drives, it might be different types of design systems and track pads. It might be printers you need to lock printing, scanning. Or it might be paper products that you maybe need to research from books or manuals or research off the Internet and PDF documents. So look at any task, look at what sorts of resources you need to complete it. And also when you have got the resources, how you can organise them. So if you have got the books and things you are referring to, then try and keep them as tidy as possible on your desk. If you are working with PDF documents or digital documents, then file them away in folders, so you know exactly where they are and where you can find them.

If it is a particular project, then maybe work... Have a file that is called that project, and then you can have them in separate folders on there. Or even colour code them to make sure that they stand out well. If you are not sure what resources you need, then talk to your manager or your team. They will be able to come up with what they need. But also if you are having a team meeting, look what other people are doing. So it is not just how you are going to complete the task, see how other people are doing it, because they maybe have a bit of good ideas or it may be that you have got the good idea and they want to share that idea.

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