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How can you keep training and working at home

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Now, if you are working from home, you still may need to complete training courses. Now, if it is a course you just have to be in the office for or go to a training center to, then you can still travel and go to that training course, but there is lots of other opportunities for you. Now, we are totally biased on this because obviously we are a training company, but a lot of training now is moving online. So with us, we run video e-learning courses like you are doing this course now, but also if you want to keep the contact time in the classroom down, a lot of courses you can take in a blended format. So you do an online course and then you complete a practical session where you practice the things you have learned online in the classroom or in your workplace. There are lots of other ways of training. A very popular one, the one that we have definitely expanded a lot over the last year, is virtual training. Now with the virtual training, you would be on a Zoom or a Teams meeting and you literally have the training course that way. So all the candidates are there, the instructor will be teaching you, you can still do exercises, you can still do work, you can submit questions to them. They can even break you into little groups, so you can still do group exercises and things like that.

The other one will be hybrid training. Now hybrid training is where there are some students in the classroom but some virtual. So maybe you are quite away from your office and there is a training course happens, so maybe three or four other people are in the office and the rest are hybrid actually out on the virtual. Now, as far as the teaching side of that goes, I was teaching it very recently, it does work. We have to keep on top of things and we need to make sure that the people on virtual are included the same way as the people in the classroom, but we have found it works really well and it could be a good option for you. Now, other ways of training could be research, it could be reading, it could be forums that you are attending or webinars. Now, webinars are a great way of making sure you keep up-to-date. And it may be that you need to tell your clients the information, so you may well run a webinar or you may want to attend a webinar. So just because you are working at home does not mean that you have to stop doing training. In fact, most of the training can still happen, and it can be done in your time, nice and simply and you can stay a lot more focused with no travel time.